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Silicone inflatable seal for fluid bed dryer

Fluid bed dryer is well known and widely used equipment in pharma .it is used in granulation for drying the material desire moisture content in the tablet formulation granules fbd contains stainless steel chamber having removable perforated bottom known as the flow of air by fan increases the fbd bag expand and powder start turbulent motion and material get dry .Fluid bed processing involves drying, cooling Of particulate materials. It is ideal for a wide range of both heat sensitive and non-heat sensitive products. Uniform processing conditions are achieved by passing a air through a product layer under controlled velocity conditions to create a fluidized state.

Why western polyrub inflatable seal ?

western has developed FDA and ECC certified inflatable seal specialty for Fluid bed dryer and processor in pharmaceutical and medical applications .We supply to more then 50 fluid bed OE manufacturer across the world. we manufacture unique inflatable seal designs, special cleaning procedures and controlled manufacturing facilities, we are prepared to handle the unique sealing requirements of the industry.

What western polyrub makes us different?

While other manufacturers may seal offerings, it usually is limited to only a few designs and materials and they are not OE supplier. We have over 100 standard profiles and 50 OE users to choose from and have a wide breadth of materials too. Many of these combinations come standard, which reduces set-up charges and speeds delivery. We also have our own machine shop, so if a special valve is needed, we do it ourselves. Ask some of the other guys if they have this capability. And what about quality? We 100% inspect every inflatable seal we manufacture under our ISO9001-2008 certified quality system and can provide certificates of conformity if you so require. our seal Approved according to euro food grade norms EC1935/2004-RESAP 2004/5