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Rubber gasket and rubber washer :-
Western manufacture gasket and washers from both sponge and solid rubber compounds.we manufacture endless gasket in any shape any dia. Several manufacturing processes can be used depending on the customer’s part requirements as to its environment, function, quantity, etc.
Die Cut
Lathe Cut
Hand Cut
Each process offers its benefits based on the required tolerance, required thickness, and required size, production quantities and lead time needed. The specific elastomer and method of production are dependent upon the operating environment and sealing characteristics required.
With 30 years of experience, we will satisfy your washer requirements. We have an extensive inventory of tooling and may have an existing size to meet your needs. One of our western Sales Engineers can discuss your project and help to identify the manufacturing process that best meets your needs. Contact us today

We specially manufacture silicone gasket:

Without the use of benzoic acid residue, this gasket are made from platinum silicone owing to which, these gaskets are widely used in various pharma and medical applications.
How to Specify Washer Dimensions:
Specify inside dimension (I.D.), outside dimension (O.D.) and thickness (Thk).