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Inflatable seals for Semiconductor Processing

Western polyrub Inflatable Seal design,quality and performance are critical components on the tools used in semiconductor fabs.

Chip production is the main driver in these operations. As a result, downtime and contamination can have a real effect on the bottom line. Over the years,western polyrub seals and clamps have been used in a diverse array of applications within the semiconductor industry.

Western has developed specific applications include

Low bleed, silicone door seals on chemical deposition tools Highly engineered EPDM actuators on lithography equipment EPDM actuators used with grinding tools

Thermal Processing Inflatable Seals

inflatable seals made from high-grade EPDM and silicone rubber materials. These seals are used on the load locks and access doors The inflatable seals resist both vacuum and positive pressure, and replace traditional flat gasket and O rings, thereby simplifying the hardware and speeding the overall processing operation

Circuit Board Inflatable Seals

A thin wall, low hardness Neoprene or epdm molded inflatable seal for double sided automatic exposure units for printed circuit board imaging is used to create a positive seal between the printed circuit board material and the imaging platen as a vacuum is drawn. The printed circuit boards are intricately imaged in this vacuum environment and the inflatable seal speeds the overall process and replaces traditional hardware associated with a positive seal over a large surface