Electrically conductive silicone rubber sheet

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Electrically conductive silicone rubber sheet

Electrically conductive silicone rubber sheet

Western conductive elastomer is a form of elastomer, often natural rubber or other rubber substitute, that is manufactured to conduct electricity. This is commonly accomplished by distributing carbon or other conductive particles throughout the raw material prior to setting it.

Western polyrub conductive silicone sheet are shielding Silicone elastomer is good temperature, weather, oxidation and ozone resistance, but EMI Shielding in particular is used as a medium to provide electrical conductivity across a gasket-flange interface. Our silicone shielding also has resistance to oils, fuels and solvents, and meets the Applications for these materials includes the production of shielding gaskets for the military, aerospace, electronics and communications.
Electrically conductive silicone rubber sheet, black. Supplied in 500mm wide sheets, this product is designed for a multitude of applications. wpi Electrically Conductive sheet will act as a low amperage conductor (useful for Radio Frequency Interference and Electromagnetic Interference shielding), whilst also providing protection against electrostatic discharge. This product comes in thicknesses of 1.6mm, 2mm (70° shore) and 3.2mm (60° shore) and is sold by the linear meter. wpi Electrically Conductive sheeting is an excellent gasket material with good flame retardant properties and has a low compression set.
Shielding gaskets for the military, aerospace, electronics and communications

Electrically conductive sheet

Fully-cured (with heat and pressure in a molding press), conductive sheet stock
Can be molded into shapes, die-cut, or extruded, depending on the application
Colors: Various

Method of Application

A Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) backing and/or mechanical fasteners.